About Jeff Schubert I first visited Russia in 1991, and lived there on-and-off until October 2022. I decided to leave after the CCCS (a Indian Government internal think-tank) invited and paid for me to go to New Delhi and give a presentation on Russia-China relations, and specifically asked me to talk about Vladimir Putin and […]

US Missile Defence

US Missile Defense · 5 March 2001 US National Missile Defense (NMD), or mini-Star Wars Jeff Schubert’s 5 March 2001 presentation to the Australian Institute of International Affairs (Sydney Branch) (1)……………The Proposed United States NMD The US NMD proposal at this stage appears to be for the deployment of several hundred missiles that would be able […]

Tony Abbott

Confidence — Abbott and Gillard · 26 October 2010 The Australian prime minister, Julia Gillard, and the leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, last week very strongly supported the military efforts in Afghanistan. A good summary article is here: Whether or not you agree with the military actions in Afghanistan, it is difficult to argue that […]

Russia, NATO, Missile Defence

US Missile Shield: Technology & Psychology · 25 February 2008 Australia’s Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith, says that missile defence technology has evolved and that the Government was now giving “careful consideration” to participating in US missile shield arrangements. Yes Stephen, technology does evolve, but psychology changes little! And, military technology is not as benign as Santa […]

Putin, Gillard, Abbott, Medvedev

Putin, Gillard, Medvedev, Abbott · 19 November 2012 My internet site has an implied theme that Russian economic policy makers could learn much from the approach of Australia over the last few decades. While historical factors and in-place institutional arrangements place substantial limits on what leaders as ultimate economic policy makers can influence and control, […]

Putin in 2000

Putin in 2000 · 23 March 2000 This article appeared in the AFR on 23 March 2000. The post-USSR chaos in Russia was bound to throw up a leader whose instinct was more authoritarian and nationalistic than Boris Yeltsin. This leader has now arrived. His name is Vladimir Putin and he will be elected president of […]