Dictatorial CEOs & their Lieutenants – Inside the Executive Suites of Napoleon, Stalin, Ataturk, Mussolini, Hitler and Mao FOREWORD by: Bob Johnston, former Governor (Chairman and CEO) of the Reserve Bank of Australia. ‘Unorthodox in style but rich in substance! This book has so much to offer both the history buff and the psychologist; and […]

Henry Ergas praises Nazi “Will”

Henry Ergas praises Nazi “Will” Henry Ergas, “What has happened to the West’s will to win?” (The Australian, 16 February 2024)  criticized lack of US “will” for “victory” in Gaza and Afghanistan under presidents Biden and Obama, while praising Franklin Delano Roosevelt for saying that the World War II task of the US Army was […]

Russian Adventures: Money, Sex, Violence & the Law

Russian Adventures: Money, Sex, Violence and the Law. ©  Jeff Schubert 2023 Note:  Some names have been changed to protect innocent people. This is a true account of lies, manipulation, theft and multiple instances of violence experienced by Jeff Schubert and people close to him as result of his activities in Russia.  In 2010 Michael Patton […]

US Missile Defence

US Missile Defense · 5 March 2001 US National Missile Defense (NMD), or mini-Star Wars Jeff Schubert’s 5 March 2001 presentation to the Australian Institute of International Affairs (Sydney Branch) (1)……………The Proposed United States NMD The US NMD proposal at this stage appears to be for the deployment of several hundred missiles that would be able […]

Field-Marshal Keitel

Psychology of Nazi Field-Marshal Keitel, George Bush & Hezbollah · 3 August 2006 When Admiral Canaris, head of German military intelligence, protested to Field-Marshal Keitel about Nazi brutality on the Russian-front, Keitel replied: These anxieties belong to the concept of chivalrous warfare. Here we are engaged in the destruction of an ideology. For this reason I […]

Air Chief Marshal Houston & Hitler

Is Air Chief Marshal Houston doing a Hitler? · 12 February 2010 The Sydney Morning Herald reported this week that a senior Australian army media adviser who served in Afghanistan and Iraq has revealed that a culture of excessive spin and unnecessary secrecy stopped important information reaching the public. Andrew Bird, who left the army in […]