Henry Ergas praises Nazi “Will”

Henry Ergas praises Nazi “Will” Henry Ergas, “What has happened to the West’s will to win?” (The Australian, 16 February 2024)  criticized lack of US “will” for “victory” in Gaza and Afghanistan under presidents Biden and Obama, while praising Franklin Delano Roosevelt for saying that the World War II task of the US Army was […]

What did we learn from the Tucker Carlson interview of Putin?

What did we learn from the Tucker Carlson interview of Putin? Carlson’s interview with Putin has been roundly condemned by various Western commentators and officials for having taken place, for Carlson not asking tougher questions, and for Putin’s answers which were sometimes a distortion of the facts. But most of the condemnation has missed the […]

Me and Colin Rubenstein – an Australian “traitor”?

Me and Colin Rubenstein – an Australian “traitor”? I first came across Colin Rubenstein of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) in March 2001 – twenty three years ago – when I was involved in a debate with him about the proposed USA National Missile Defence (NMD) system at an event organized by the […]

Cardinal Pell and David McBride

Cardinal Pell and David McBride Why was Cardinal Pell convicted of sex crimes against a minor? And will McBride be convicted by the same “corrupt” Australian legal system? The idea that Pell was guilty was pushed by gullible and biased journalists and commentators, such as Peter FitzSimmons (See left-hand column for his views on Pell) […]

US Missile Defence

US Missile Defense · 5 March 2001 US National Missile Defense (NMD), or mini-Star Wars Jeff Schubert’s 5 March 2001 presentation to the Australian Institute of International Affairs (Sydney Branch) (1)……………The Proposed United States NMD The US NMD proposal at this stage appears to be for the deployment of several hundred missiles that would be able […]

Tony Abbott

Confidence — Abbott and Gillard · 26 October 2010 The Australian prime minister, Julia Gillard, and the leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, last week very strongly supported the military efforts in Afghanistan. A good summary article is here: Whether or not you agree with the military actions in Afghanistan, it is difficult to argue that […]

Putin, Gillard, Abbott, Medvedev

Putin, Gillard, Medvedev, Abbott · 19 November 2012 My internet site has an implied theme that Russian economic policy makers could learn much from the approach of Australia over the last few decades. While historical factors and in-place institutional arrangements place substantial limits on what leaders as ultimate economic policy makers can influence and control, […]