Psychology of Secret Courts / Military Tribunals

Dangerous Psychology of Secret Courts / Military Tribunals · 4 September 2006 Psychologist and ex-army officer, Norman F. Dixon, in his book, On the Psychology of Military Incompetence, wrote about the staggering irrationality which can beset the thinking of otherwise highly competent, intelligent, conscientious individuals when they begin to act as group. The Penguin Dictionary of […]

Obama, Jefferson, slaves, murder, Nobel Prizes

Obama, Jefferson, slaves, murder, Nobel Prizes · 12 December 2012 Gideon Rachman of the Financial Times (America’s drone war is out of control, December 10, 2012) wrote that the use of drone strikes to kill suspected terrorists has become a trademark of the Obama administration. This often involves killing somebody whose name you don’t even know […]

Howard & Sinodinos

Howard & Sinodinos: a mutual need for master and servant! · 7 May 2007 In two articles in the Weekend Sydney Morning Herald, journalist Peter Hartcher profiled Arthur Sinodinos who recently resigned as John Howard’s chief of staff —and related the Sinodinos view on why Howard has been able to remain Prime Minister of Australia for […]

History of anti-terrorist laws in dictatorships

History of anti-terrorist laws in dictatorships · 10 November 2005 The term terrorism derives from the French Revolution’s reign of terror in 1793-4. While the term now has wider meaning, it remains the case that, given the opportunity, those in power will resort to oppression and even reigns of terror and do so with the excuse […]

Gillard: psychological profile

Julia Gillard (Prime Minister of Australia): psychological profile · 3 April 2011 In an article in The Australian newspaper on 23 March, journalist Paul Kelly commented on the attitudes and values of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and on her apparent contradictions and back-flips on policy. Kelly wrote: She warned Kevin Rudd (the former prime minister, […]

Brooks and Tett on policy psychology

Brooks and Tett on policy psychology · 22 October 2012 David Brooks (writing in the The New York Times on 12 October) and Gillian Tett (writing in the Financial Times on 18 October) have each produced a useful article on the relationship of individual psychology (or personality) to the wider world of government policy although the […]