About Jeff Schubert

I first visited Russia in 1991, and lived there on-and-off until October 2022. I decided to leave after the CCCS (a Indian Government internal think-tank) invited and paid for me to go to New Delhi and give a presentation on Russia-China relations, and specifically asked me to talk about Vladimir Putin and Ukraine.

I am a former Professor of International Business at the Baikal School of BRICS, Irkutsk National Research Technical University. I mainly taught high-tech management to Chinese students.

I am a former Visiting Professor at the School of Asian Studies, situated within the Higher School of Economics National Research University in Moscow. I taught the entire Masters degree module on Russia’s Asia Foreign Policy. This includes Russia’s relations with China, Japan, the two Korea’s, Mongolia, South East Asia, India, Pakistan etc

I am former Head / Director of the “International Center for Eurasian Research”, School of Public Policy, RANEPA (“Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration”), Moscow.

Prior to this, I lived in China for two years, and wrote a “White Paper” for AustCham on reform of Chinese financial sector, publicly launched in Shanghai on 26 February 2016 by Australian Treasurer, Scott Morrison.
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Prior to that, I was research consultant to Shanghai Institute of International Financial Centre (SIIFC), Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.
China related internet site: www.shanghai-ifc.org
China business email is: schubert@shanghai-ifc.org

I lived in Russia before moving to Shanghai in early 2014
See: www.russianeconomicreform.ru
Russia business email is: schubert@russianeconomicreform.ru

Language skills are: Russian and some Mandarin.

I am a former Chief Economist of HSBC (Australia) and a former economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Treasury, and the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet. I was heavily involved in tax reform as Economics and Taxation Policy Adviser with a major Australian business association.